‘We’ve been lied to’: Obama says economic growth will remain low for years, despite ‘bust’ in job growth

The economy has been “busting,” the president said in a statement released Sunday, despite a strong jobs report.The president said the job growth rate for the second quarter was 2.9%, down from 2.8% a month earlier, and “will continue to fall” until December.But the unemployment rate fell from 10.4% to 10.2%.Obama’s economic recovery has been […]

How to Profit from the Economic Depression

The economic downturn has seen global economies turn inwards and the United States hit its highest inflation rate in decades.But for a while, it also gave hope to those looking to profit from the economic downturn.This article aims to highlight some of the things you can do to make money from the global economic depression.Estimulo […]

Economies are falling off the economic calendar

Economies have fallen off the global economic calendar in recent years, a sharp drop that is having a major impact on people’s lives, including their health, the Irish Times has reported.Economies that fell in the second quarter of 2017 to the US were down by almost 9 per cent to $5.2 trillion, while those in […]

When you’re at work, what do you do?

NEW YORK — You’re not alone.Even when you’re not at work.And you probably never would have guessed it from the way people in the U.S. are getting by.There’s a growing sense of isolation and anxiety, a growing mistrust of institutions, a sense that the economy is a mess, and, perhaps most ominously, a general sense […]

How to use an app for more money and more free time

NHL players can also take advantage of apps that can track their daily activity and automatically buy them discounted tickets, as long as the apps are downloaded and installed.The NHL recently launched the app Connected, a way to monitor your player’s play through the app and make purchases at participating arenas.The app allows you to […]

Blockchain will be used to boost economic incentives

In 2017, the Japanese government passed a law to introduce a national economic incentive scheme to incentivise citizens to spend their tax money on goods and services.Under the scheme, companies that generate revenues from selling their goods and/or services to citizens will get a special tax break, as well as the right to claim a […]

Which economic stimulus package is worth the effort?

A pair of economic stimulus packages will come before Congress this week that could add billions of dollars to the nation’s economy, and that could make them more attractive to businesses and individuals.In an op-ed in The Washington Post, economists and policy analysts from across the political spectrum argued that a stimulus package could bring […]

How to read the data to get the most bang for your buck

The Federal Reserve’s interest-rate hike is likely to increase the stock of short-term Treasury bonds by as much as 10 basis points, a survey of financial professionals said Wednesday.The survey of nearly 1,000 senior financial professionals by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the National Association of Securities Dealers found that the Fed […]

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