How did the stock market rise and fall?

As stocks in the U.S. continue to climb, so do their volatility.And that’s putting more pressure on investors.A key part of the equation is the relationship between prices and volatility.Prices fluctuate with the supply and demand for the goods and services that are traded on the market.This means that if the supply of something is […]

How to see if the economic growth forecast for the US is correct

By Sam Greenwood/The Associated PressEconomic growth, which is the amount of output and employment produced each month, is expected to be stronger than the previous year and rise slightly this year.Analysts say the pace of economic growth has not slowed, despite concerns about a recession and weak growth in the developed world.That means the economy […]

How to save the world and be the first to do it

In a few short months, you will be able to order pizza, order a taxi, order gas, buy your first computer, watch the Super Bowl and become the first person in history to do one of these things.But you will also be the last person to do them.That is because the robots are coming, and […]

The Economic Hitman – The Economic Security Game

With a booming economy, the world is looking to protect its economy and people from the economic hitman.But the man in the economic security hat is not just about protecting your assets, he’s also about your personal life.In this week’s installment of The Economic Hitman, we explore the economic Hitman and how to protect yourself […]

Fox Sports: “The economic recovery is just beginning”

Fox Sports is taking a look at what the economic recovery will look like for the US economy and what it could mean for the next 12 months.The top economic issue on the agenda is unemployment, with President Donald Trump’s administration making a series of announcements on Wednesday.The US economy grew at an annualized pace […]

What is a good definition of economics?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has published a definition of good economics which includes things like economics that are about the economy and economics that focus on economics in a scientific way.The new definition is being published on its website.Economics is the study of the way the world works.The term economics was coined by economist […]

Why are we in a recession?

The Irish economy has shrunk from a six-year high of 1.8pc in the second quarter of 2018 to a one-month low of 1pc in March, a sign that the economy is not being fuelled by the government’s stimulus package, according to a new study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research. The Irish economy contracted […]

How China is planning to punish Western sanctions

China is expected to announce a “tough economic sanctions” package, according to Chinese media reports, in an attempt to stifle Western criticism of its human rights record.Key points:Reports say the sanctions will be aimed at limiting Western influence in ChinaThe sanctions could include a ban on Western companies from buying Chinese goodsChina is expected, at […]

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