How to get more efficiency out of your hotel accommodation

Nuevo Estoril (NEE) has revealed a new hotel efficiency strategy that has been developed specifically for the tourism industry.

The hotel efficiency initiative aims to create an environment that encourages guests to stay in their rooms and minimize the amount of work they need to do for the accommodation to work efficiently.

The strategy is named the Hotel Efficiency Strategy (HES) and was developed by NUEVO Estorile and has been described by the company as a “hotel efficiency solution for the global tourism industry”.

The hotel’s objective is to create a more efficient, more enjoyable and safe experience for guests.

“We have developed the Hotel Efficient Optimization (HEA) and the Hotel Energy Efficiency (HEENA) strategies for the hotel industry to make it more efficient and more fun for our guests to visit the hotels and to save money,” said the NUEVA company.

The hotel efficiency campaign is designed to make hotel stays more enjoyable for guests by promoting the use of sustainable technologies.

The Hotel Efficiency Strategy aims to reduce the amount that guests need to spend for accommodation, and the HES campaign aims to encourage guests to buy more energy efficient products.

“The hotels are the most important factor in our guests’ satisfaction, and this is why we think of this strategy as the most effective for the future of our industry,” NUEVE said.

The company also revealed that its hotel efficiency programme was first launched in the year 2016 and was expanded to the tourism sector last year.

This is despite the fact that the hotels’ efficiency is still not at the level it should be in terms of efficiency.

According to the company, hotel efficiency can reduce the cost of a guest’s stay from 10% to 5%.

This is because guests do not need to stay longer than 24 hours in the hotel.

In terms of energy efficiency, the company has revealed that guests can save up to 40% of their energy bill by using solar panels in their hotels.

The company said that this energy efficiency can help guests save around €6,000 per year on their hotel bills.

“By using solar, guests can reduce their energy consumption by around 50% compared to using a standard electrical appliance, and save €6 million,” the company added. 

In addition, the Nueve hotel efficiency program has also been adopted by hotels in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

In all countries, hotels have been asked to promote the use and use of solar panels to help reduce their overall energy consumption.

The Nueva Estorilería hotel efficiency scheme aims to reach 80% of the hotel guests’ energy needs in the next 12 months, while the Hotel Environmental Efficiency (HEO) initiative aims at reaching 90% in the same period.

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