National economic council says it has ‘a plan’ to curb pollution, boost renewable energy

National economic and policy council (NEC) has said it has a “plan” to boost renewable sources of energy and boost the use of carbon-neutral technologies.

In a submission to the Senate committee on economics, NEC head Simon Kewell said there were several key areas that could be covered by a carbon tax and he said the emissions from fossil fuel-burning power plants were “one of the biggest contributors” to climate change.

“We are currently looking at the options to increase renewables, we are looking at a carbon price and we are also looking at ways to make carbon-free energy more efficient,” he said.

“A carbon price could be one of the options we look at.”

“If we were to introduce a carbon-based price we could have a large reduction in emissions in the short term, but the real issue is to make sure that we are actually increasing the efficiency of our energy systems.”

Mr Kewells told the Senate panel the “very rapid transition” to a low-carbon economy was needed to curb global warming.

“The transition from a high-carbon society to a very low-CO2 one is a difficult one, but there is one area in which the transition could be accelerated dramatically,” he added.

“There is a growing body of evidence that shows that if we get a carbon cost on carbon, the carbon intensity of our economy will increase.”

“It would provide the impetus for a carbon reduction strategy in our economy.”

Mr O’Sullivan, an independent senator from the Australian Capital Territory, told the inquiry the carbon price was not just a matter of reducing carbon emissions but also of increasing energy security and economic growth.

“One of the key things we are going to have to do in the next five to 10 years is to look at what our energy security strategy is, what our economic security strategy will be and the way we manage our energy infrastructure,” he told the hearing.

“What is the carbon budget?

How is our energy grid secure?

What is our carbon footprint?”

There are all these questions that need to be answered.”‘

There is an important need for a national energy policy’He said there was “a real urgency” to develop a carbon pricing system, adding the country was already facing challenges.”

I think a lot of countries are going through some very difficult economic times,” he warned.”

But we have to take the long view and not look at one economic or political event as the final word on what is really needed to reduce carbon emissions.”‘

A lot of governments around the world are working to reduce their carbon footprints’Mr Kwell said the government had been considering whether or not a carbon charge would be introduced.”

This is a big policy for Australia, it is a very important policy for the United Kingdom and it is not just an issue for the UK,” he explained.”

It is a policy for other countries that are struggling with the same challenges that we face and we want to look to see how we can work with them to create a policy that is a success and that is sustainable and effective.””

So the first thing that we have got to look in to is whether or no there is a national policy in place that would be in place to provide the incentive and the support that is required.””

What we have been talking to the government about is whether there should be a national carbon price.

“Mr Dyson said the country needed a national climate change policy that “looks at the climate as a whole” and not just energy use.”

As a country we need to look, in terms of the national policy and the national energy strategy, at how can we get the emissions that are contributing to climate disruption down, to zero, and we need a climate change plan that looks at the whole of our emissions, not just the energy sector,” he argued.”

So if there is an energy policy that looks to address that, and not only at energy use, it looks at all other things that contribute to climate disruptions and so we need the national policies that are going in place and the energy policies that will be put in place.””

We know that the US is going through a major transition to a carbon economy.

Mr Smith said the National Council of Trade Unions, representing the country’s largest trade union, was concerned about a national emissions cap.””

But the climate is changing and we have an important opportunity here to reverse the impacts that are happening and to reverse these changes and to actually mitigate the impacts of climate change.”

Mr Smith said the National Council of Trade Unions, representing the country’s largest trade union, was concerned about a national emissions cap.

“At the moment, there is very little discussion about what the national carbon budget should look like,” he admitted.

“Some members of the union feel that if there’s no national carbon tax then they think that it would be better for the economy and the unions, but I don’t think

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