Why Biden’s economic team won’t be taking over the GOP

The White House has put together a team that’s likely to make its mark in the next two years, and one of the first jobs the new team will have is making sure that the GOP is never again in the position it’s in today.

The Biden economic team is going to be tasked with building a bipartisan coalition that will be able to govern in a way that puts the needs of the American people first. 

As of this writing, the Biden economic campaign team has produced a list of 15 goals that it hopes to achieve within the next couple of years, according to Politico.

That includes, “ending the cycle of government shutdowns that has seen the GOP lose at least $2.7 trillion in taxpayer money and has put our country at risk of another fiscal crisis.” 

Among those goals are the repeal of the so-called sequester, which cut spending by $1.2 trillion, and the establishment of a “pathway to prosperity,” with the goal of “a level playing field for American workers, families and entrepreneurs.” 

According to Politico, the team has also set the goal to “reimagine how we pay for education, health care and infrastructure.” 

While Biden’s team is already building a team to take on Republicans in the upcoming election cycle, its not just in the form of policy positions that the team is doing, it’s also laying out strategies to win over key constituencies.

The Politico piece cites an interview Biden gave to the Center for Public Integrity in which he spoke about how his team was going to use its experience and expertise to help Democrats in future races. 

Biden told the magazine that the Biden administration is going “to be a big part of the effort to rebuild the party.”

The Biden economic policy team will not just be focused on helping Democrats in Congress, but also on helping Republicans in Congress. 

While the Biden team will be building a Republican coalition that is ready to govern, the new administration will also be taking on a number of other problems that the party is facing, including “unfair trade policies, a declining middle class, and an aging population.” 

As Politico notes, Bidens team will also have a lot of responsibility to try and win back swing voters who have abandoned their party in favor of the GOP. 

With the election only a month away, there are still a lot to consider.

Biden’s administration is still in its early stages, and many questions still remain about the Trump White House.

While Biden’s campaign has promised to have the most “intense focus” on the next four years, its also worth keeping in mind that there’s still much to be learned from its predecessor.

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