Why are so many jobs disappearing in the mining industry?

Posted November 18, 2018 12:30:24 The Australian Bureau of Statistics has been publishing a series of reports on the number of people in the employment market and the number working in the manufacturing and construction industries.

In the most recent, released in September, the ABS found the number jobless in the construction and mining industries had risen by 16,000 between August and September.

But the most telling statistic of the report is the number that are unemployed in the industry.

In its report titled Unemployment rate: Trends and trends in the labour market, the Bureau of Economics noted that between October 2017 and September 2018, there were 12.6 million Australians unemployed.

In terms of people without jobs, that’s the highest unemployment rate in the country.

The ABS has also published a series on unemployment rates in the private sector.

In the private, non-government sector, the unemployment rate has remained relatively stable at about 5 per cent since August 2018.

However, in the public sector, where there are public services and government agencies that provide jobs, the jobless rate has risen to nearly 16 per cent.

The ABS has been releasing the joblessness rate for a number of years, including in 2017.

This graph from the Bureau’s latest unemployment report is important in understanding why Australians have been stuck in a downward spiral.

On the right side of the graph is the unemployment level.

It shows the number and proportion of people out of work.

Now, in recent years the unemployment rates have fallen for many people, especially in the rural areas.

But it’s not just the rural regions where the job losses have been significant.

One of the key findings in the ABS report was that unemployment rates among the unemployed increased in areas of NSW and Queensland where there were high unemployment rates.

And in Tasmania, unemployment rates increased in Queensland and NSW.

These statistics have led some commentators to suggest that the trend of the economy being on a downward trend and Australians being left behind is no longer confined to the mining sector.

It’s also now affecting the manufacturing sector.

In an article for The Conversation in 2017, former chief economist Kevin Andrews argued that while unemployment was not a new phenomenon, it had become more prevalent.

He pointed out that when he retired from the Federal Reserve in 2015, unemployment had already reached a level not seen since the Great Depression.

Andrews also argued that the decline in job creation had been partly driven by a shift in the nature of the Australian economy.

“The shift from manufacturing to services has led to a shift to lower-paid, lower-skill jobs,” he said.

For example, there are now more workers in manufacturing and services than there are in manufacturing, and they are generally younger than in the industrialised economies of Europe.

This means they’re more likely to be in low-paid jobs, which can be dangerous for their health.

However, there is another factor contributing to the job loss that Andrews pointed to.

While manufacturing is now mostly automated, and the skills of people are increasingly replaced by machines, the skill set in the non-agricultural sectors is being replaced by computerisation.

If this happens to an economy with a high proportion of non-skilled jobs, it means more people will be unable to find jobs and will become unemployable.

Another factor that Andrews noted was that in the past few years, manufacturing has been in a slump.

But he said that this was not solely due to the manufacturing industry being in a recession.

It also means that people are finding it increasingly difficult to find work.

It means the economy is increasingly reliant on the skills and skills of workers.

And this is likely to make it more difficult for people to find employment.

Many commentators have also suggested that the recent rise in the unemployment figures is because people are getting used to the idea of a falling unemployment rate.

According to data from the ABS, the average weekly earnings of people who were employed from March to September were $4,965.

This was the highest on record.

People in the same job have been struggling to make ends meet since the financial crisis, with many of them struggling to keep their jobs.

In 2018, the median weekly earnings for those who were unemployed was $2,967.

A recent survey by The Australian Institute of Family Studies showed that just over half of people surveyed believed that their income was about half what it was in 2018.

Yet, there’s been a noticeable increase in the number who believe that their wages have been under pressure.

As the ABC has previously reported, the number believing that their annual wages have gone up since the last ABS unemployment survey has jumped by nearly a third since 2015.

So, despite the rise in unemployment, the question is: how can we actually get people back to work?

The answer to that is to look at the jobs market as a whole, and try and find solutions to the problems

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