Which countries are investing more in the economy?

Taiwan’s economy has increased by a whopping 12.5 percent since April, driven by the government’s fiscal stimulus package.

That has spurred a huge surge in tourism, which has been booming since the end of last year.

However, the country’s gross domestic product has shrunk by 2.3 percent.

The main reason: the Chinese slowdown.

China is the world’s second-largest economy, and it is now slowing, with GDP growth slowing to 5.7 percent this year from 7.3 in 2016.

China’s GDP shrank by 2 percent in the fourth quarter of this year, the first time that’s happened since 2010.

But the country has a bigger problem.

China has a huge trade surplus with Taiwan.

Since China started trading with Taiwan in January, the trade surplus has ballooned to nearly $1 trillion, a quarter of Taiwan’s gross national product.

That’s more than the country received in trade during the entire 1980s.

China also wants to make up the difference by selling more goods and services to Taiwan.

Taiwan’s foreign exchange reserves are estimated to be $1.4 trillion, according to the World Bank.

Taiwan wants to stop that trade surplus.

Taiwan has a trade surplus of just over $50 billion, but Taiwan is not interested in selling its surplus goods to China.

Instead, it wants to import some of the surplus goods from China.

Taiwan is pushing hard to have its currency pegged to the yuan.

But China is not going to allow that, so the yuan is being devalued.

As a result, Taiwan’s exports are falling.

The government says the trade deficit will rise by $1 billion this year.

China will be looking for ways to stop the trade balance, so it will buy more goods from Taiwan and more services from Taiwan.

China would like to sell more goods to Taiwan than it would to China and more to Taiwan’s main trading partners, like the United States and Germany.

The United States wants more services, while the European Union wants more goods.

It is also looking to buy more of Taiwan to boost its exports.

As the trade imbalance between the two countries increases, Taiwan will also need more loans to make its economy grow.

Taiwan does not have enough cash to pay back its debts, so its main creditors are China and the United Nations.

But it has no choice but to pay up.

China and Taiwan are not on good terms, so Beijing is trying to keep the trade gap low.

China wants to buy the yuan from Taiwan at a discount.

It wants to give Taiwan more freedom to do business.

The trade gap between the countries is shrinking because of the Chinese stimulus package and China’s trade surplus, and China is now trying to make things right.

But Taiwan has other concerns.

The Chinese government has been pushing hard for the renminbi to become a more stable currency.

If it does, it will make Taiwan less dependent on its foreign currency.

It will be less reliant on China to finance its exports and more dependent on Taiwan.

If Taiwan’s currency is devalued, Taiwan could go into recession.

This could make Taiwan even more vulnerable to economic shocks.

China worries that if the renmbb rises too much, the government could use the renmab as a weapon against it.

China does not want the renMBi to fall too far, so that would make Taiwan a less reliable source of credit for its economy.

But if it falls too much it could trigger a financial crisis, and Taiwan could become a victim of the financial crisis.

That would lead to a severe economic downturn.

Taiwan will not allow the renmmab to fall so far.

Taiwan would have to devalue the renMMb in order to allow Taiwan to repay its debts.

The currency devaluation could also trigger a recession.

Taiwan was already seeing a slowdown in the country.

It lost around 5 percent of its value last year, according the International Monetary Fund.

But this year’s economic slowdown is more severe, with growth falling to a record low.

The country is not only suffering from a severe slowdown, but also from an unprecedented amount of debt.

Taiwan owes $6 trillion, or around 40 percent of gross domestic output.

The national debt has risen to nearly 50 percent of GDP, according a recent survey by the Pew Research Center.

Taiwan needs a solution to its debt problem, so China and Taipei have agreed on a plan to resolve it.

The plan is called the “New Development Strategy.”

The plan aims to resolve the problem of Taiwan paying more for imports than it collects in taxes.

If this plan works, Taiwan can increase its exports, which would bring more foreign direct investment and create jobs.

But in the long run, Taiwan must continue to be dependent on China for its exports because of its trade deficit.

The New Development Strategy aims to solve Taiwan’s debt problem and to keep it economically independent from the mainland.

The idea is to give China more control over Taiwan.

That way, China

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