How to make a business of it – by using blockchain technology to create and control your own destiny

TechCrunch – 6 April 2018 It’s no secret that the blockchain is revolutionizing the way we manage our money, and how we manage and protect it.The technology is changing the way businesses, governments, individuals and corporations operate.But its also being used to create, control and ultimately destroy some of the world’s most dangerous and complex […]

When will you teach this book?

Trade off Economics,Economics textbook.It’s not easy to get your foot in the door of a book publisher.But if you do it right, you could win a lucrative contract.“It’s about economics,” says Simon Lewis, a professor at the University of Bath in England, who published a book on the subject last year.This is an essential book […]

Government to investigate potential financial crisis

Government to probe potential financial collapse as the economy sinks into recession and unemployment rates rise in key states.The Reserve Bank will consider a recommendation from the Bank of Australia to hold interest rates at record lows for another two years in the wake of a sharp drop in growth.Treasurer Scott Morrison has previously indicated […]

How to Read a Business Book

Economists and business books are often the best way to get a business idea off the ground.They offer insight into the workings of the market, provide the intellectual foundation for thinking about how the economy works, and provide a wealth of useful information about how to get things done.However, some of the best business books […]

Which economists say Obamacare is bad for the economy?

President Donald Trump has issued a new directive, calling for a $10 trillion stimulus package to help revive the economy.The president said Wednesday that it will require a $1.5 trillion spending increase.He also said that Congress needs to take up a $2.5 billion package for infrastructure.Trump said in a statement that the president would announce […]

How to survive the global economic collapse

As global financial crisis looms, the shortage of supply in the world economy is becoming more apparent, leading some economists to suggest that the global supply of cheap goods will not only disappear, but may actually decline.In a study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, economists at the London […]

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