The big story from the past week of the Supreme Court’s decision on net neutrality

Net neutrality has been an issue that has divided the nation for years.

The court ruled unanimously that the federal government must treat all online services equally.

And it said that the government can’t restrict access to those services based on where you are in the country or where you work.

This is the first time the court has considered this question, and it could have huge implications for the way we think about broadband access.

In its decision, the justices rejected arguments that broadband providers are unfairly using their power to restrict access.

The justices said that because the FCC doesn’t have the authority to regulate Internet providers, it shouldn’t have authority to do so.

It also said that broadband companies have an incentive to create a “fast lane” for certain websites to reach as many people as possible.

“The court also rejected a challenge to the FCC’s classification of broadband as a common carrier service, which is an unusual classification in that it is based on the nature of the network, not on its ability to serve consumers,” said Andrew Kimbrell, the director of the Center for Internet and Society at the University of California, Berkeley.

Kimbrel told me that the ruling is likely to lead to significant changes in how the federal and state governments approach broadband.

“It opens the door to an entirely new approach to regulating the Internet, which could make the Internet more open, and more transparent and more accountable to its users,” he said.

Net neutrality advocates had hoped the court would overturn the 2015 Open Internet Order, which established the principles of net neutrality and a free and open Internet.

But the court rejected their efforts.

“Because the FCC lacks authority to classify broadband services, the court does not have the power to regulate broadband services,” the court wrote.

“Rather, the FCC may only regulate broadband service providers, not the broadband service.”

Kimbreld told me the decision will allow the FCC to make decisions that affect consumers and businesses that aren’t covered by the court’s ruling.

“This is really a historic moment for net neutrality, and we are very optimistic that the court will overturn it,” he told me.

This week, the Supreme

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