Voodoo Economics: El Economista Mexico – El Economismo: Todo el Presidente

Televisa El Economistas Mexicos (TEEM) and the El Economistico have announced the two candidates for the presidency of Mexico.

The presidential election will take place on January 6, 2020, when the two remaining candidates, incumbent Felipe Calderón and the former President Vicente Fox, will face off for the position of president.

The runoff will take to the polls on January 12.

The two candidates have been in talks about the presidential race for months and, with the election now taking place, TEEM and El Economisteo are hoping to put their respective campaigns in the spotlight.

President Calderón has already declared his intention to run for the office of president again in 2020, and while the results from the first round of the presidential election could be announced as early as February, the results of the runoff will probably come in as early March.

The candidates are also hoping to get out ahead of the April 2020 general election, when Calderón will be seeking a third term as president.

With El Economisista Mextico being a populist party, both candidates have promised to introduce more reforms to the economy.

Fox has said that Mexico needs to have a new economic model, while Calderón says the current economic model does not meet the needs of the country.

Televisa has not released any detailed plans for how they will spend their time during the runoff, but a few of their members are already tweeting their thoughts.

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