Why China is building a massive manufacturing plant in the U.S.

China has announced a massive expansion of its manufacturing base, with the country’s state-run media reporting that the country is building new factories in the United States to produce consumer goods, cars and other products.

The announcement comes amid a growing global trade dispute between the U,S.

and China, which has accused China of violating trade rules and violating its obligations to the United Nations.

“We have the biggest manufacturing plant of our kind in the world, and we’re also building a huge manufacturing plant for a large part of the U and Pacific Rim,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a statement.

China is investing in U.N.-mandated projects that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the new plants will employ more than 100,000 people, according to the state-owned Xinhua news agency.

Xi has been under pressure from U. S. President Donald Trump to cut back trade with China, particularly in areas like autos and cars.

While Trump has repeatedly criticized China for unfair trade practices, China has insisted it is a major consumer of U.A.E. products.

China’s investment in U,A.S.-based manufacturing is part of a broader push by the Communist Party to modernize the economy and boost its manufacturing sector to support the countrys growth.

Beijing has invested billions of dollars in U.,A.A., including in the construction of a large new plant to manufacture consumer goods in the state of Hubei.

China also is spending billions of yuan to improve the performance of its economy, including in a huge stimulus package to help revive the economy, which is struggling from the devastating global financial crisis.

China has also been investing heavily in renewable energy projects, with its first nuclear plant to be built in 2020.

In December, the country announced it was opening a large wind farm on its north coast, a sign of a new focus on wind power.

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