How to get a Nobel Prize in economics

President Donald Trump is set to announce his choice for the prize Monday, but a selection committee is also weighing whether to give the prize to the president who oversaw the largest economic stimulus package in U.S. history.

The president is expected to announce the winner, and the committee will vote by Aug. 28 on whether to award the Nobel Prize to economist Milton Friedman, who oversaw much of the stimulus package and whose ideas were influential in bringing about the financial crisis.

Friedman was born in Brooklyn in 1891 and immigrated to the U.K. in 1924.

He went on to found a successful hedge fund and eventually became the chairman of the International Monetary Fund, which oversees the U-S.

dollar and currency.

His Nobel Prize is for his work in promoting free-market economics.

“In the history of the Nobel, I am confident that the president has received more Nobel Prizes in economics than any other person,” said Stephen Moore, a professor of economics at the University of Cambridge.

“I think he’s got a pretty good chance of winning.”

Friedmans Nobel is one of two prizes in economics.

The other is the American Institute of Philanthropy’s Lifetime Achievement Award for the lifetime achievement of philanthropist Paul Singer.

The other is given to those who have contributed the most to the advancement of science and technology.

It’s given annually to a scientist who has done more than 50 scientific or technical publications.

The Nobel Prize committee is expected Tuesday to announce its final selection of candidates for the 2016 prize, but it could choose to go with another economist.

The committee is considering Friedman, said Peter Fauci, a Nobel Laureate in economics who is chairman of economic forecasting at the Brookings Institution think tank.

“Friedmann is a very well-known economist.

He is not known for his theoretical work, and he was the chief economist for the IMF.

So I think he is an interesting choice,” Faucel said.

Fauci noted that Trump has used his Nobel Prize as a means to further boost his economic policies.

“There are some people who are more interested in doing good and improving the country, which is good, than in doing the bidding of a foreign power,” Fucci said.

“He’s very good at that, and I think this could be another one of those.

He’s a very strong negotiator, and it’s a strong team.”

Moore said the Nobel Committee is looking for someone who has “a clear vision and who has demonstrated a clear understanding of what economics is, and a willingness to do what they’re doing.”

“I think that Friedman has a pretty clear vision of how the world works and what the problems are,” Moore said.

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