Is this ‘subsidiarity’ economic theory?

Subsidiariness is the phenomenon of providing benefits in exchange for one’s labor.In other words, a country or company pays you money for labor and benefits you in return.For example, if you are a contractor and you are doing a job for the government, the government provides you with a government stipend in return for doing […]

When will you teach this book?

Trade off Economics,Economics textbook.It’s not easy to get your foot in the door of a book publisher.But if you do it right, you could win a lucrative contract.“It’s about economics,” says Simon Lewis, a professor at the University of Bath in England, who published a book on the subject last year.This is an essential book […]

Which economists say Obamacare is bad for the economy?

President Donald Trump has issued a new directive, calling for a $10 trillion stimulus package to help revive the economy.The president said Wednesday that it will require a $1.5 trillion spending increase.He also said that Congress needs to take up a $2.5 billion package for infrastructure.Trump said in a statement that the president would announce […]

When a Keynesian economy fails to meet the labor definition, the solution is to change the labor standard

Economists say that when a Keynesians economy fails, it’s because its labor-based definition has become too rigid.And that would seem to be the case in Australia.In a new paper published in the International Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, the economists Thomas O’Sullivan and Ian Anderson describe how, in the absence of an explicit labor-standard […]

How to calculate the median income for your region

The Census Bureau has just released its new regional estimates, which show the median household income for the United States in each state.The data is based on the 2015 American Community Survey, and is subject to a number of caveats.The Bureau estimates that the median family income in the Northeast was $54,200, and the median […]

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