How to get a Nobel Prize in economics

President Donald Trump is set to announce his choice for the prize Monday, but a selection committee is also weighing whether to give the prize to the president who oversaw the largest economic stimulus package in U.S. history.The president is expected to announce the winner, and the committee will vote by Aug. 28 on whether […]

Why is the economic sanctions against Venezuela increasing?

Pasajes Economic Security (PES) has announced the launch of a new initiative to help Venezuelan farmers with food and agricultural products, which they can buy with their pesos.The program is named “Cómo para las agroecosas” (Papa’s agriculture), and aims to provide “an alternative for the poor, rural and urban communities”.According to the website, the program […]

Why Venezuela’s currency has skyrocketed to $4,500

A currency crisis in Venezuela has sparked a currency crisis.The country’s central bank announced Tuesday it was printing $4.1 billion worth of new notes to try to boost its currency.The move was intended to spur inflation and keep the country from running out of dollars.The Venezuelan currency has soared to $5,500 and hit a record […]

Why are we in a recession?

The Irish economy has shrunk from a six-year high of 1.8pc in the second quarter of 2018 to a one-month low of 1pc in March, a sign that the economy is not being fuelled by the government’s stimulus package, according to a new study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research. The Irish economy contracted […]

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